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Post by: Debra PalisboPost Date: 10-22-2015

Comments / Story: I am thankful of you guys to come to our school and Kerrie thanks for letting us to have the opportunity to know your story. Matthew thank you so much, now i took your advice to sleep more and cut down some time to the social media..
( HILO HIGH..! ) However, i can share and tell about TyReDD.

Post by: Kekoa MataPost Date: 10-22-2015

Comments / Story: Kerrie Warne and Matthew Uhles came to Hilo High school to speak about the importance of sleep. Kerrie's story was really heart touching and made a lot of people cry. I am so proud of Kerrie for being as strong as she is as a mother and for being able to speak her story strongly. Please continue and never give up on teaching all the youth and maybe even adults on the importance of sleep. You are saving so many people lives and might have even saved mines. Hilo High appreciates your presentation and hopes you come back in the upcoming years.

Post by: Shayne WPost Date: 01-29-2015

Comments / Story: Today, January 29, 2015, you spoke to me and my fellow classmates at the Prairie Capitol Convention Center in Springfield, Illinois. Your story touched me and many others. I believe your message hit home. Your story is very heartbreaking and I cannot imagine losing a child. Your son, Tyler, seemed like an amazing young man and I am very sorry for your loss. Your family is the true inspiration for hope. The story you told us spoke deeply to me and I am sure it also spoke to several other students. Although, until today, I did not know about yours or Tyler's story, I am truly inspired. I hope everyone you speak to feels the sorrow you express while telling your story and do not take drowsy driving lightly. I, like Tyler, am a very busy high school senior. I have a part time job where I work till 11 at night, Organizations, sports and homework. I have driven while tired several times. I now understand it can happen to anyone. It may not seem like much but your story has touched me very deeply inside and has inspired me. Thank you for speaking to us and sharing your tragic story.

Post by: Cheri MichelichPost Date: 01-30-2015

Comments / Story: Hi! My name is Cheri Michelich, a Senior from Auburn High School. Our class attended the Drive for Tomorrow on Thursday the 29th in Springfield. Your story really hit home yesterday. As a Senior I could not even imagine my life ending before I was able to graduate and really start my life. I, too, am involved in many activities at school and also hold a part-time job. In the Summer, I work many hours and I drive tired a lot. Tyler's story really woke me up in a sense. It is unreal to believe that such an inspirational person lost their life due to a lack of sleep. You telling your story shows how strong you are. I'm so thankful that you work through your pain and sorrow in hopes of making teens like me aware of what we are doing when we drive. It is so inspirational that you live to make a difference. It is people like you that make the world a better place. I hope that someday you have peace with what has happened, but please never stop sharing Tyler's story. He is making a difference in teenager's lives around the country. Thank you for speaking and encouraging my classmates and I. I wish you and your family the best. Thank you. -Cheri Michelich

Post by: Ray YoungPost Date: 01-30-2015

Comments / Story: My name is Ray Young and I teach at Auburn High School; we brought our seniors to the IDOT/ISP event at PCCC yesterday. I just wanted to take the time to commend you on the courage and dedication displayed by your discussion of your son Tyler and his accident. I know that hearing the truth about a very serious driving situation that most of my students understood had a tremendous impact and will hopefully aid them in making wise choices in the future.

To me, you are a perfect example of how God uses a person to turn something that is obviously perceived as terrible into something that finds a way to bring good from it. Your sincere communication with teenagers is priceless in saving future lives that could be lost to drowsy driving. I look at you as "an earth angel" who is literally making a difference in the thinking of our young people and saving lives in the process. I also know that Tyler was well aware of how lucky he was to have a mother such as you. Iím also sure the rest of your family know how blessed they are to have you in their lives.

Take care, and keep up the great things youíre doing; your selflessness and compassion for others is a gift from God that is very evident in your entire presentation. God bless you for all you do.

Post by: Julie BreitensteinPost Date: 02-24-2014

Comments / Story: I met Kerrie and Matt for the first time on January 28th, 2014 in Hawaii. We were all there to talk to local schools and a couple of businesses. The mission Kerrie and Matt have is a complicated mission. One that has not been recognized as distracted driving. Their mission is make aware the dangers of falling asleep at the wheel. Especially to teenagers. We hear of truckers or adults falling asleep but not teenagers. Kerrie son Tyler was a victim of falling asleep at the wheel at 2:30 in the afternoon. The statistics that Kerrie and Matt have is unbelievable! We need to recognize their mission and help Kerrie and Matt get their story out there. Please if you have a kind place in your heart, help Kerrie and Matt by donating to their cause. Your donation will help Kerrie and Matt to continue their journey without having to pay out of pocket expenses. Please follow Kerrie through her Web Page, LinkedIn and Facebook. It was a true honor meeting Kerrie and Matt!!!!!
My name is Julie Breitenstein and my son is a survivor of Texting and Driving.

Post by: sydnie warnePost Date: 05-08-2012

Comments / Story: mama you are doin great just keep going and u will be fine we are all here to suport u nomater what i love u. ur so good at what u do and someday i wish to do what u do and give presentaions , but i would be nowaer near as good as u. u r a amazing person and mom i love u. look at what u have allready acomlished. u are amazing we would be lost with out you. your aamzing like my mato everything happens for a reson. you have turned so.ething treabley awful into something great. when you set ur mind to something you do what ever it takes to accomplish your goal thats why i addmire you thats why i look up to you i love you keep up the good work.:):):):):):p

Post by: Megan LiguePost Date: 05-08-2012

Comments / Story: Please everyone order shirts to help raise money for the Warne family. Tyler's memory should never die. Tyler was one of the greatest guys I've ever met in my whole life. The tyredd shirts do more than just raise money, they show people who dont even know tyler about driving drowsy. Wish this was just a bad dream and i could wake up to it. I love you Tyler, Kerrie, Kyle, Syd, and Austin. You guys keep us going when the days get tough.

Post by: ZackPost Date: 04-17-2012

Comments / Story: I really enjoyed you coming to our school and telling us your story, It really moved me and The kid today at school who said that "they need to stop with the scare tatics" Should of never spoken! I wish the best to your family, And what your doing with really moved me.

Post by: Officer Jeff CookPost Date: 12-13-2011

Comments / Story: Kerri Warne and Matt came and shared their story to students at Ft. Zumwalt North High School recently. Kerri and Matt touched on an area of impaired driving that is overlooked and can affect anyone. Impaired driving is usually associated with a drug, alcohol or medicine related intoxication. Tyler's story is a great message and is one all young people and parents of teen drivers should hear. Help Kerri spread her message and invite her to school, group, professional organization or any other audience. Arrive Alive and Drive Safely

Post by: Kate McDanielsPost Date: 12-07-2011

Comments / Story: Kerrie just spoke at my event for drinking and driving awareness and i absolutely loved her presentation. She changed me life just by her presentation and really opened my eyes to what can happen in four seconds. thank you so much and i hope you and matt will come back.

Post by: Kate McDanielsPost Date: 12-07-2011

Comments / Story: Kerrie just spoke at my event for drinking and driving awareness and i absolutely loved her presentation. She changed me life just by her presentation and really opened my eyes to what can happen in four seconds. thank you so much and i hope you and matt will come back.

Post by: Megan LiguePost Date: 11-18-2011

Comments / Story: Momma dad syd and austin... i miss you guys so much. I never thought the shirts i made for TREDD would ever be on the news. Tyler was on the news! Who knew that would ever happen. Kerrie your doing amazing raising awareness...tyler will never be forgotten. I hope you guys are keeping your chins up. I know you are. Your the reasons a lot of us are still here today. Your our strength. I love you guys. Ill be by soon:)

Post by: NelliPost Date: 11-11-2011

Comments / Story: Last Friday night I wanted to drive home after my initiation with my sorority so I wasn't going to leave till about 1 in the morning. It was the scariest drive ever. I was exhausted and the fog was on the ground so it was almost impossible to see. I was even considering turning around but I wanted to get home so bad and see my mom. After watching Mrs. Warne on fox I will never drive again if I'm tired. I knew Tyler but not on a really close level but when he passed it still affected me so much. Thank you Mrs. Warne for inspiring me! You are so awesome!

Post by: Jennifer PearcePost Date: 11-07-2011

Comments / Story: I too lost my sister to a Drowsy Driving accident. ( I am so impressed with you, my mom, and other grieving parents who push aside their pain long enough to help protect others from the same fate. May our angels keep supporting your efforts, and may you find some peace in the work that you do in your son's name. Thank you!

Post by: syd warnePost Date: 10-21-2011

Comments / Story: mom i think you are doing great

Post by: Alex RuckerPost Date: 09-10-2011

Comments / Story: I really enjoyed you coming to Lindbergh to share your story. I with the best for you and your family!

Post by: Megan LiguePost Date: 09-07-2011

Comments / Story: Ty im really missing you right now...i hope the bags go out and raise money for tyredd! im the one making them so it would be absolutely amazing if everyone could participate in raising money for the Warne family...if you would like to talk to me about the tyler bag please give me a call or text at anytime. My number is 314 808 7548! i love you ty. Dont ever stop looking over us

Post by: Tawnya LucasPost Date: 08-19-2011

Comments / Story: Kerrie, after talking to you today I had to look at your website. After reading about your son I had my daughter read it as well. I never realized what a problem this was. I was a passenger in a drowsy driving accident on the morning of my Senior Prom. I was extremely lucky, I just had a broken arm and some cuts and bruises. My daughter will be driving soon and I hope that reading this made an impact on her. I have added a link from my facebook page to your site for all of my friends and family to spread the word. As tragic as your sons accident was you have done something so wonderful to honor his memory. Thank you for sharing your story!! God Bless!!!

Post by: Lynn LeePost Date: 08-18-2011

Comments / Story:
On January 26 2008 my daughter,
Nicole Michelle Lee, was killed in a car accident from Drowsy Driving. She was an
18 year old freshman honor student at Virginia Tech. Late that afternoon Nicole was riding in a car with 4 other honor students, they were returning to Tech from a day of skiing. All passengers were dozing when the driver, a 19 year old male, fell asleep driving, missed a curve in the road and hit a tree at 55 MPH.
The number one group at-risk for drowsy driving is young men under 25 years old.
These students were doing nothing wrong; however they were too tired to be driving!
I have made it my mission to also talk to everyone I can about the dangers and consequences of Driving Drowsy. We go out on the interstate several times a year and give away 500 cups of Free coffee and information about this preventable hazard. Please support Kerrie, my self and the other families that have had to live thru this horrendous loss.

Post by: Sydnie WarnePost Date: 08-06-2011

Comments / Story: mom i love your work and amazing website is awsome your such a great job i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you keep going and great work i love yuo so much good job and you really are making a dffrens i love you.

Post by: JonalynPost Date: 08-05-2011

Comments / Story: I love reading these artciels because they're short but informative.

Post by: Glenda WallacePost Date: 06-18-2011

Comments / Story: I met Tyler's Mom today, I told her I have a son named Tyler,too. She then told me that her son had died in a tragic accident,her story touched my heart and soul. As she talked you could see all the love she felt for her son, I know he must have been a wonder young man and that his mother's love will honor him and help save others.

Post by: Glenda WallacePost Date: 06-18-2011

Comments / Story: I met Tyler's Mom today, I told her I have a son named Tyler,too. She then told me that her son had died in a tragic accident,her story touched my heart and soul. As she talked you could see all the love she felt for her son, I know he must have been a wonder young man and that his mother's love will honor him and help save others.

Post by: Melissa PortellPost Date: 06-18-2011

Comments / Story: I had the honor of meeting this young man's mother today, as she told me her story I cried, not only for her incredible loss, but for her amazing strength, and passion to spread her sons story. this woman and her strength, Love for her child, and passion to keep her sons memory alive, and use this horrific accident to educate and save... others from ever having to live her families nightmare is truely inspiring!! I feel truely blessed to have met her and heard her st!ory, wich has inspired me to pass it along. i would love to refer her to our local high school and community college to speak. I believe her message could impact many!!

Post by: Danny Gladden, LMSWPost Date: 06-10-2011

Comments / Story: I have added this wonderful link to the community support section of my blog:

Post by: Danny GladdenPost Date: 06-10-2011

Comments / Story: I recently had the opportunity to meet Kerrie Warne recently and to learn the story of Tyler. As a community social worker, I commend Kerrie for getting this very important message out to students and adults and I look forward to inviting Kerrie to speak to the young people that I work with.

Post by: Alex CataldiPost Date: 05-26-2011

Comments / Story: Tyler made such an impact on my life from the time i was able to spend with him. Although it hurts everyday to remind myself that hes not coming back, he has taught me to go after what I really want in life and to be the change for myself. I love you Tyler and I'll never forget you xoxo

Post by: tjwPost Date: 05-20-2011

Comments / Story: This is a great thing you have created Kerrie. These little comments brings tears to your eyes. There is a message here in all of these and i hope all the young people can learn a lesson from these

Post by: Ronnie's MomPost Date: 05-18-2011

Comments / Story: My son Ronnie Lynn Thompson was just 16. He was a front seat passenger in a car when his fellow Army JROTC Cadet fell asleep. Going 60MPH (the posted speed limit, & wearing seatbelts) the driver started to go off the 2 land hwy & over corrected right into on coming traffic. The other car hit my son, killing him on impact! Since that terrible day I have learned a great deal about Drowsy Driving & have tried to educate others, it's taken years!
I have a facebook page where you can join us:,
I also have a youtube channel: DrowsyDriving001, and you can find us on myspace:
At these sites you can view videos of the crash & a radio PSA I did about the dangers of Drowsy Driving.
As the founder of NODD I attend the Utah Zero Fatalities Safety Summits and learn all I can. Right now education is very important. Most people are guilty of driving drowsy (at least once) but not of drunk driving....Only 1 state has a Drowsy Driving law.
NODD ~ No Drowsy Driving ~

Post by: JensPost Date: 05-17-2011

Comments / Story: All of my friends involves myself were driving drowsy when we were youth (16 to 20). one of my friends was killed because she was driving drowsy and I can understand how that feels. I realized it is dangerous to go out and drive when you do not have enough sleep or not enough rest before drive. I figures myself when I was not able rest or sleep enough. Sometimes, forced myself to drink energy or coffee go on road. It is hard to drive in 4am and 8am. Now I am 40 and not have kid but can teach kids about driving safety. Keep up!

Post by: nikki boswellPost Date: 05-16-2011

Comments / Story: This is so important! My brother Christopher 'Smoothie' died in a car accident Oct. 8, 2008. He fell asleep at the wheel and hit a concrete median. The accident was horrific and changed my life forever! I miss him each and every day! I lost my brother, my best friend, my envisioned future, and myself in a split second. My life (and the lives of so many others) has been forever changed. My brother was amazing! A talented photographer, skateboarder, comedian, and friend and will forever be missed! I don't know if his accident could've been avoided, but I know he was not aware of the dangers of drowsy driving.

Post by: KassiePost Date: 05-16-2011

Comments / Story: Tyler was an amazing person. He always knew how to make someone smile , even on their worst days. He always knew how to make people laugh. He was a great person. He was caring and loving. He would have done anything for anyone of hes friend or family. I remember all great memories with tyler. I remember going to his football games with my best friend jordan and many other fun thing.I know hanging out with tyler i was always in a good mood. Tyler was one of the best friends i could ask for. He knew everything about me and never judged me. He had one big heart. I will never forget Tyler Jacob Warne, hes forever in my heart he will always be best friend/ like a brother to me. TyREDD is one of the best things to come, its saving lifes and also remembering tyler. The warnes are doing an amazing job by doing this. This will help many people to always remember how great tyler was and also make sure noone has to suffer from the lost of someone else due to driving drowsey. You guys are the best yall rock love ya !!! :)

Post by: shannonPost Date: 05-16-2011

Comments / Story: Wow, you go girl!

Post by: sydnie wPost Date: 05-15-2011

Comments / Story: great job mom you worked so hard and it payed of after all.

Post by: megan liguePost Date: 05-14-2011

Comments / Story: ty's family is changing the world one day at a time. the turns, bumps,holes. everything! this family has gotten through it all. when we lost ty it was one of the worst days of my life. but the strength of this family is the reason why some of ty's friends are still alive. ty is watching over us each And every day. i know i miss him more than anything. i don't know how i couldn't have gotten through all of this if it wasn't for the warne family. i love you all so much.!

Post by: Steph CPost Date: 05-14-2011

Comments / Story: Congrats on your new website! It looks so great!

Post by: Stacy PotliaskiPost Date: 05-07-2011

Comments / Story: My sisters family experienced a similar life-changing event with their daughter. I believe information about driving drowsy should be required material in any driver education program. Schools are not doing enough to teach young people about the danger of driving drowsy.

Post by: Angie JohnsonPost Date: 05-09-2011

Comments / Story: Thank you so much for sharing your story and for making this site! We experienced a similar event in our lives, and it is so great that you have created this site to help others.

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